PrintrBot in Action

The kids have finally worked out most of the kinks and have the PrintrBot working!

The final challenge was levelling the z-axis, which was loosely attached with zip ties on the initial install. With a bunch of test prints the kids caught their mistakes though and quickly took apart and reassembled the z-axis (the video was made before they fixed it so you may notice that the print isn’t level). I have been impressed with the amount of learning that has taken place in the whole process of building this device. It is super labor-intensive, but a great, hands-on project with the tangible reward of a working 3D printer to show for all of the work.

In my next post I’ll describe how we are going to manage the printers at NWS. I worked closely with the students to devise a system that was fair and manageable, but I’m certain that there will be certain bumps in the road as we roll it out. Stay tuned!

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