Office Mix

I’ve been gone for a while, sorry! I’m going to get back at it, starting with this review of Office Mix.

This is the most promising education app that Microsoft has released in years. Office Mix lets you turn PowerPoints into interactive presentations with video, audio, and embedded quizzes. It is a great tool for flipping your class, or more specifically, flipping presentations. If you are like me, you’ll have at least one project each year where students present. While you can use tools like Prezi and Haiku deck to get students to make more engaging presentations, students still have to present in class. Often times these presentations are not well-rehearsed or are poorly executed.

Office Mix can help solve this. Students can record “perfect” presentations at home by spending time to hone their presentations before submitting them. Even if this doesn’t replace the actual presentation in class, it gives students time to practice their delivery and get feedback.

Teachers can also benefit a great deal from this tool. We can work on polishing our own presentations, or just pairing them down to the essentials (a series of five 3-minute videos is generally way better than one 15-minute video). We can also embed videos, quizzes, and questions along the way, and the Office Mix site gives great “analytics”:


You can see how much time students spend on each slide, and how many people have viewed the slides.


You can see who viewed the Mix.


You can see their answers to your questions to see what concepts you need to re-teach or work on in class.

Here’s a sample Mix I made:

There is so much more that you can do. I will be making a tutorial of the features, including how to insert video, screenshots, quizzes, etc. and adding it soon!

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