Oba: Create a “Timeline” Course

This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a “Timeline” course in Oba. I suggest reading this document and following the steps. Pause as you go. If you reach a point where you are extremely frustrated or simply stuck, remember that you can call me for help. Let’s get started.

1. Log in to Oba and select “Create a Course” from the “Courses” menu.

2. Enter your course name and short name. For the short name you can just abbreviate your course name.

3. Place your course in the appropriate category using the drop down menu and set the course start date.

****You do not need to enter a course ID number.****

4. Enter a brief description of your course.

This will appear when students are looking at the catalog of courses. This is not the place to put your syllabus.

5. Expand the “Course format” options and be sure that “Timeline format” is selected.

6. You can configure the options here to your liking, but I recommend turning off likes and leaving the remaining settings alone.

7. Expand the “Appearance” menu and toggle the option “Show gradebook to students from “Yes” to “No.”Click “Save changes.”

8. You will now be on your course page. This is where you will come to post announcements to your class, set due dates, and share files and links with your students.

9. The first thing you’ll want to do is upload your syllabus. Select  “Upload a file” and find your syllabus.

You can drag your syllabus onto the box. Add some text, select “Sticky” and click “Post.” This will ensure that this post stays at the top of your course timeline.

10. If you do not want students to comment on a post, click on the lock logo to disable comments.

11. You can use these posts to send information to your students. You can send links, create online assignments and more.

Let’s add a link to a video.

1. Start by clicking on the link icon.

2. Enter a description or instructions for your students.

3. Paste a link to a YouTube video you’d like to share with your students.

4. Click “post.”

12. Another function you will want to use is the course calendar. To add an event, click “New event…” under the “Important Posts” block.

13. Name the event.

If you have a handout you can either attach a link to the “cloud” version of the document or a static copy. You can type your instructions for students in the “Description” field.

14. Set the due date and duration of your event.

You can use the duration to give your students an idea about the length of project or assignment. When you are done, click “Save Changes.”

15. The final step you need to take is to make the course accessible to students.

1. From your course page, click “Users” then “Enrollment Methods”

2. Under “Add method” select “Self enrollment”

3. Give the instance a name, then create a password for your students

4. Scroll down and enter a welcome message for your students. Click “Add method” when you are done.

These are the basics of creating a simple course in Oba. There are many other features you can explore, but you can do so at your own pace. Oba will get easier to use over time as you practice using it. Remember to breathe and take your time. If you get frustrated or need more help please come see Shie in the Computer Lab.