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Hello there,

I’m Shie Benaderet, and I love EdTech. I’ve worked in education since 2003, but I’ve been a student for my whole life. I started my professional journey as a substitute teacher while in graduate school, and left for the Peace Corps immediately after receiving my Masters in Educational Technology. I was fortunate enough to be placed in Moldova, where I taught English as a Foreign Language for two years, met the love of my life, and made some amazing friends.

Ever since I returned in 2007 I’ve been teaching. Everywhere I’ve gone I’ve tried to integrate technology into my teaching. Why? Well I’ve found that when technology is used appropriately it can help create engaging lessons, speed up formative and summative assessment, and can empower students to break down the walls of their classrooms and see the world.

In 2014 I got my dream job as an Educational Technology Coordinator at a vibrant and artsy independent school in Seattle. The goal of this blog is to motivate me to keep an ongoing journal of all the cool ways I see technology being used in classrooms. Some of the time it will involve lessons and hurdles I face, other times I’ll just share ideas that I see others using. Either way, I hope I can keep this interesting for anyone who bothers to drop by and maybe even inspire you to try something new.

Thanks for visiting!

Shie Benaderet

Disclaimer: All views expressed in this blog are my own and are not intended to represent the views of my employer. There are no ads on this blog and I do not receive any kind of payment for recommending apps.


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