O365: Sway Introduction

1. Go to sway.com and sign in using your email.

2. Enter your email and click next

3. Enter your password (this landing page may look different depending )

4. Click “Create New” to get started

5. Title your Sway

6. Add content by clicking on the “Plus” or selecting a card

7. Add an image from the web

8. Or upload your own image

9. Add text to your Sway

10. Reveal more options if you can’t see the cards on the left side of your Sway

11. Change the navigation style from horizontal to vertical or “slide” style

12. Change the design (fonts/colors/etc.)

13. Add an author or share your Sway

Just copy and send the appropriate link. Make sure to add “Anyone with link” if your viewer doesn’t go to our school or you’d like the viewer to skip signing in!

Cool Tool: Hypothes.is

I feel like everyone should use this amazing plugin for Chrome. It lets you annotate, highlight and discuss everything on the web without leaving your browser. This works with PDFs and every website, so the possible classroom uses are almost limitless. The good folks over at Hypothesis have even put together a few guides to get you started:

Examples of Classroom Use

  • Use a private group to annotate poems, fiction, or articles as a class
  • Spark conversation among students

Teacher Resource Guide

Student Resource Guide

I can also see this being a great tool for PD! I’d like for this to replace Diigo for me… Is anyone else interested in joining an EdTech Hypothesis group?